Isn’t it sad how when you’re listening to the news, reading the newspaper, or even just talking about a disaster that recently happened and you hear that somebody had died and nobody really cares? I just couldn’t imagine how the family would be reacting when they hear the news. It’s just sad. Nobody knows their name. Nobody cares who they were. What they’ve done. It’s tragic and yet nobody really gives it a second thought. When somebody dies I always think about this. I mean really think it about. They died. They aren’t coming back. You will never hear their voice. See their smile. They are dead. Gone. That’s a big deal. That could be somebody’s parent. Sibling. Cousin. Grandchild. Best friend. It’s just horrifying.

Is there anybody else out there who is just looking for that perfect song? The one that is written in metaphors and it makes sense to nobody else except you. You can just relate to it and you never get sick of it. You would listen to it when you’re happy, depressed, angry, or just calm and you could just let you’re emotions out. I just can’t seem to find a song like this… :/